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Burgess finishes term with flourish

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Marin Burgess has completed her three-year term as president of the Howick & Districts Historical Society. Times photo Wayne Martin.

The new president of the Howick & Districts Historical Society has paid tribute to his outgoing predecessor Marin Burgess who endured during the Howick Historical Village’s arguably toughest period in operation.

New president John Osborne praised outgoing president Marin Burgess at the society’s annual meeting on October 1.

“Thank you Marin for leading us through challenging times,” Osborne said.

“Stepping in as manager of the village shortly after being elected, interviewing and engaging with new replacement staff. Then Covid hit – the survival of the society and village was foremost in our minds and, together with Lexi [Lexi Palmer-Gapper, general manager Howick Historical Village], you led us through unchartered waters.”

Maintenance of the village buildings and artefacts was able to continue albeit spasmodically.

“We can see the result of the effort put in by the whole team under your careful guidance. We have a village of which we can be incredibly proud,” Osborne said.

“We have an amazing living museum unequalled by anything in New Zealand.”
Burgess told the Times she stepped down after completing three years as president, according to the society’s rules.

“It is with pride I step aside for the incoming president John Osborne who has been a loyal supporter during these tumultuous years,” Burgess said.

“The society celebrated its 60th year in 2022 and remains an important part of the Howick and districts communities.

“The Society’s largest asset, the Howick Historical Village, survived the Covid lockdowns due to some loyal staff and is in good heart with the 175th anniversary of Howick providing a strong focus.

“In return for the many years of pleasure I have enjoyed at the Historical Village, my gift to the village was to fund a new permanent cover for the restored Victorian Street scene now on display in the Children’s Museum.

“I have been granted another term on the board and am looking forward to John’s years as president as we move into a more stable future with some exciting plans developing.”

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