Monday, April 22, 2024

Book swap celebrates love for books

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In an increasingly virtual age, Botany Town Centre is bringing back the joy of reading by encouraging shoppers to recycle their books.

The idea is a book swap, where customers can come into the centre and leave a book behind in exchange for another. The concept allows readers to share and recycle their books with other readers and in return find a new book of interest.

Kerrie Hughes, centre manager at Botany Town Centre says, “The book swap has been well received so far. We have seen customers here throughout the day, including students on laptops, couples reading to kids, mums and kids reading together and people drinking coffee.

The book swap is being held at BTC. Photo file

“It’s been such a great ‘pause’ area in general. I think there is something special about finding a book that has another reader’s journey within the page and our customers really appreciate this sentiment. Overall, the book swap is a great way to bring the community together and celebrate our love for books.”

The book swap will be at the centre throughout October right next to the newly opened library. Any books that are left over will be donated to The Salvation Army.

Time: Monday to Wednesday: 9am – 6pm, Thursday and Friday:  9am – 9pm, Saturday: 9am – 6pm and Sunday: 10am – 6pm. By the Library site on Level 1.

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