Thursday, April 25, 2024

Bomb threat hits Howick

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Howick Primary School is the latest to be targeted in a series of bomb threats that has been happening throughout the country.

Police were called to the school in Willoughby Ave at about 12.30pm today after it received a call similar to those made around the country yesterday including Dunedin, Wellington and Napier.

Principal Leyette Callister said she could not reveal much apart from police responded quickly and everything was back to normal at the school.

“No children were in danger at any point,” she said.

Inspector Jared Pirrett of Counties Manukau East Police said the threat was defused and “everyone was safe and sound”.

“The school did well and went through the normal exercise plan. Police responded as normal practice and cleared the school ground and followed normal procedures around this sort of threat.”

Mr Pirrett said while local police attended the scene, police around the country also received a handful of similar calls.

“We’re conducting an investigation to find out who’s responsible for causing stress to teachers, parents and children.”

Glendowie School in Auckland, Kerikeri High School and Kaitaia Intermediate School in Northland reportedly received threats also.

A police statement said the calls were of an automated nature and that initial enquiries indicated that they originated overseas, even though they may display a New Zealand number.

Similar incidents have occurred overseas in the United States and more recently, Australia.

So far, no actual threat to any school has been established.

However, until any actual threat can be ruled out, police are taking the calls seriously and assessing the appropriate response at each school.

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