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Board outlines key achievements

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Among the public projects the Howick Local Board delivered in recent months is the installation of a “pump track” at Nixon Centennial Park. Pictured using the track are board members, from left, Bruce Kendall and Bo Burns and board chairperson Adele White. Times file photo Wayne Martin

The Howick Local Board has identified the projects it’s delivered for the east Auckland community as well as those yet to get across the line.

The projects are detailed in a report compiled for the board which lists its activities for March to June 2021.

The report states 123 activities were delivered, including multi-year projects that progressed as expected.

Three activities were “undelivered, cancelled, put on hold or deferred”, and one multi-year project or activity has not progressed as expected during the 2020/2021 financial year.

The board’s “key activity achievements” from that time period include providing $710,000 of funding to local organisations and communities serving Howick and staging the inaugural Celebrating Cultures public event in May 2021.

The Howick Moon Festival was unable to be delivered due to Covid-19 lockdowns.

The board reallocated the funds for the festival to the Celebrating Cultures event, which was staged at the Ormiston Activity Centre in Flat Bush on May 1 and drew an audience of about 1000 people.

“The event included food and non-food stalls, an entertainment schedule of cultural performance through song and dance, as well activities for the kids and families,” the report says.

The board installed a pump track at Nixon Centennial Park in Howick and funded a minor renewal to the Lloyd Elsmore Skatepark in Pakuranga.

It made a “significant investment” in restoring local streams and waterways.

“The largest number of activations, across all local boards, in local parks, places and open spaces was delivered,” the report says.
Listed also are key activities not delivered or progressed as expected.

The Howick Gymsports Partnership Grant was not delivered as the Lloyd Elsmore Community Hub is reviewing the feasibility study before progressing to a business case.

The $250,580 grant stems from 2015/2016 and relates to the board’s investment into multi-sport development at Lloyd Elsmore Park, Pakuranga.

There’s $196,000 remaining in the budget as at February 14, 2020.

Renewal of the sea wall and club boat ramp at Bramley Drive Reserve in Farm Cove has been delayed due to a budget shortfall.

The board has approved the required budget and the project is starting procurement for physical works.

The Cockle Bay Reserve playground upgrade experienced delays and has an estimated completion date of October this year.

The shared pathway between Aviemore Drive to Botany Road experienced delays and is due to be delivered next year.

Board chairperson Adele White says she’s pleased “despite Covid-19 denying us [the board] full resources, time and funding, we have been able to achieve a number of projects”.

“Sadly we are in the throes of lockdown once again, however the board is currently working with council to prioritise projects that have been unable to be completed.”

White says keeping the area’s children and young people active is important to the board.

“In the last two years it’s been a real delight to see children back enjoying a number of renewed play spaces that had been closed awaiting repairs.”

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