How does a bird get stuck in a tree?



Lauren Clifton looked visibly distressed standing with a bird bowl anxiously calling out to her pet blue and yellow macaw perched high up on a tree at Owairoa Primary School.

“She is petrified of flying down,” said Lauren.

“Lulu has been up there since 6.30pm on Thursday and she is hungry and tired.”

Lauren’s husband Cody said he had been calling out to Lulu late into the night.

Lulu is a bit of a celebrity and has helped raise money for Shelly Park School.

On spotting the couple desperately trying to get Lulu back home, we posted it on the Times facebook page and the response was heartening. A lot of people responded with helpful suggestions while some did wonder how a bird could be stuck on a tree.

“We are part of a Recall group in Howick that free flies birds. Lulu’s wings were earlier clipped but have started to grow so we want to teach her how to fly,” said the mother-of-three.

“We had so many people try to help get her down but it wasn’t working. The fire department arrived at 8.30pm and squirted next to her and she flew out but went to a taller tree. We were up most of the night watching her.

“On Friday, Jacques from Chorus tried rescuing her along with a cherry picker but couldn’t reach her.”

There were plenty of other attempts with friends trying to help out but just as Lulu was flying towards Lauren and Cody in circles, a seagull chased her for two blocks up into a much smaller tree.

“Our friend Raz climbed up the tree but Lulu was way too scared to come down so we had to try and use the broom to step up on. Lulu freaked and flew off onto another tree a block away,” said Lauren.

Finally, responding to the Times Facebook post, Brad Simmons from Carson Electrical volunteered to offer another cherry picker from Kennards Hire, and this time they did manage to rescue Lulu on Friday night.

“She looked so ruffled and wild after 24 hours away from home. Lulu calmed down after some food and cuddles and started her content baby cry and bobbing. Thank you again for all your support,” said Lauren about their happy reunion with the feathered friend.