BDSC students clean-up for national Sea Week

While it might not be the most conventional way to spend a Saturday morning, a group of fifty students from Botany Downs Secondary College  (BDSC) recenlty took to the streets on their annual street clean-up for national Sea Week.  The students were surprised at how much rubbish they found—including an old traffic cone and a shopping trolley!

Annie Chen, a Year 11 student commented, ‘’Cleaning up the rubbish felt very rewarding,’’ and said it was eye-opening to see the number of small pieces of rubbish that had accumulated on the streets.

 “It felt good doing something for the community,” said Year 9 student Olivia Dixon.

Olivia found it interesting to learn about how much of the rubbish they found that would have ended up on our beaches and in the sea.

All the students agreed that while picking up rubbish can hugely benefit the environment, not littering in the first place and avoiding the purchase of products with unnecessary packaging will make the biggest impact.

This clean-up was the final event at the College’s celebrations for national Sea Week that involved many sea-themed activities including music, a quiz and chalk drawings around the school.