Battle not over yet

The winners Jane Jones (left) and Leah Taylor. Photo Val Lott

A fundraising evening held for Howick Ratepayers and Residents Association last week at Howick Little Theatre attracted a full house and was a great success.

Howick Little Theatre treated the audience to its thriller The House by the Lake – A shortcut to death and a supper on the gala theatre night. Directed by Andrew Gordon, the season ran for the month of May.

Approximately $1500 was raised and the proceeds have been allocated to offset the costs associated with the HRRA submission to Protect Stockade Views at the recent Plan Change 3 Hearing.  Auckland Council is due to respond to the Commissioner’s questions by June 1 and then we will await the Plan Change 3 Commissioners’ decision.

It was a sell-out event and the Howick Ratepayers and Residents Association were thrilled with the strong support from the community and local businesses.

The HRRA deputy chair Andries Popping thanked Howick Local Board members Adele White and Jim Donald for their attendance  and welcomed the Local Board’s submission for retaining the Crawford Reserve view shaft which will be lost forever if PC3 is adopted in its proposed form.

In his address, he said: “Some of you will have noticed a Save Stockade Hill Views Facebook page which has been created by a group of passionate and creative Howickians.

“This is aimed at raising awareness and asking people to support the battle to preserve the 360 degree views from Stockade Hill – for all to enjoy – for all time.  HRRA is grateful for the support, energy and enthusiasm they bring.”


The History

  • Sept 2013 Unitary Plan provided for no zoning changes to the area surrounding Stockade Hill.
  • These properties were then secretly “upzoned” to allow high rise development.
  • After mass public protest, Auckland Council decisively voted against changes
    but the unnotified upzonings were never actually withdrawn.
  • We went to court, losing on a technicality. But the judge recommended a remedy be sought.
  • Council agree to develop a plan change to fix it.
  • The result offered few concessions and the high-rise zones were still there.
  • April 2018, we appealed the proposal.
  • A decision by Auckland Council on this matter is now expected after June 1, 2018.

“What can you do?” the site asks.
“We need your help – we need a show of force. Get your friends and family to follow our Facebook page.”

Val Lott, who has been a part of the fundraising campaign, said: “I’d like to add a big thank you to all the many Howick businesses who sponsored prizes for the raffles, in particular New World who donated two coffee machines valued at $100 each.”