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Bag snatch:Daylight robbery at Meadowlands

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By Jim Birchall

A brazen daylight robbery, the second similar incident in the past month, occurred at Meadowlands on Saturday, November 9.

According to a witness who did not want to be named, up to five Caucasian teenagers, four males and a female, approached a middle-aged man in the vicinity of Countdown in the malls interior.

The man was carrying a bag containing his wallet along with groceries and cigarettes he had recently purchased, when it was snatched followed by the offenders fleeing into the car park, where (what the informant believes) to be two male Polynesian accomplices’ were waiting in a silver 3 series BMW, leaving the scene a short time later.

Another male involved in the incident was seen re-entering the mall’s foyer to collect the female suspect.

The witness believes the offenders may be the same teenagers reported to be involved in violence and intimidation related crimes throughout the eastern area, They go on to say they believe the group is organised, and was targeting people who had recently used the ASB ATM adjacent to countdown.

Sergeant Tim Riley, Acting Response Manager, Counties Manukau East Police, confirmed officers had attended an incident in Somerville at 1720  on Saturday, November 9. They stated Police were “called to a report of a theft at Meadowlands Shopping Centre, The victim was approached by a group of people, described as teenagers.

Police were called to the robbery at Meadowlands

The group spoke with the victim before grabbing a shopping bag, containing a wallet, before fleeing to a nearby vehicle.

Police were called soon after and responded to the location. A number of area inquiries were also conducted.

Our investigation is still ongoing into this incident and at this stage, no arrests have been made.”

Howick Local board member Bo Burns witnessed an incident with similarities to Saturdays’ on October 28, where an Asian woman’s bag was snatched by some young offenders. Burns gave chase in her own car and advised Police to the offenders’ location.

Police encourage anyone that was in the area at the time and may have witnessed the incident to call Police on 105. They can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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