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From back surgery to mountain trek

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Katie Leigh had major back surgery last year and has now managed to climb a mountain. Photo supplied

When Katie Leigh, 63, was lying in her hospital bed after undergoing major back surgery in June 2016, she never imagined that less than nine months later, she would be completing the Tongariro Crossing.

A combination of rehabilitation, Powerhooping and determination has enabled Katie, from Beachlands, to complete an adventure of a lifetime and tick something else off of bucket list, said Howick’s Kerrie Evans, business development consultant with Powerhoop NZ.

“Katie is in her early sixties and has attended Powerhoop classes in Howick for more than three years now,” said Kerrie.

“She loves the way that she has now become part of a supportive community and she has formed some incredible friendships.

From there, Katie was able to attend regular classes and bring her physical and mental fitness levels back up to enable her to complete the Tongariro crossing in style.

“Katie has defied the odds and achieved something that others only dream of,” Kerrie said.

“She has proved that age and injuries are not blockages, just small challenges and that when you are part of an incredible team, you can achieve anything.”

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