Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Auckland’s new mayor appoints deputy

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Orakei ward councillor Desley Simpson has been named Auckland’s new deputy mayor. Photo supplied

Incoming Auckland mayor Wayne Brown has named Orakei ward councillor Desley Simpson as the city’s deputy mayor.

“Desley is both my choice for deputy mayor and is overwhelmingly supported by members of the [council’s] new governing body, who I have been working and consulting with over the last three weeks,” Brown says.

“She is universally admired for her integrity, professionalism and loyalty, and her ability to get things done through the council bureaucracy and committee processes.

“Desley is highly regarded as a regional leader with a broad Auckland-wide perspective, while also having the greatest support from her own community of any councillor on the governing body, with nearly 25,000 personal votes.”

Simpson says she’s excited by the opportunity to work with Brown to help deliver on his mandate for change from 181,810 Auckland voters and to work with their colleagues to help them deliver on their priorities.

“I back the mayor’s strong stance on issues, including delivering more efficiencies and savings to keep rates as low as possible as Aucklanders face the looming economic and fiscal storm.”

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