Architect’s design a clear winner

Lisa Day runs her own architecture studio Donnell & Day Architecture in Cockle Bay. Photo supplied.

Local architect Lisa Day has won a national competition for an affordable and highly sustainable 3-bedroom relocatable home sponsored by APL and Build Smart and the New Zealand Institute of Architects.

The task was to design a relocatable home that is to be constructed for a cost not exceeding $200,000. Architects were asked to design an affordable, prefabricated home of innovative concept and high design quality. The winning building was to reflect a high standard of energy conservation and sustainability and be constructed of durable, low maintenance materials.

Build Smart will be shortly constructing the prototype and the design will be available to order as one of their prefabricated house typologies.

Day attended Macleans College and graduated as the senior scholar from Auckland University School of Architecture before becoming a Registered Architect. She now runs her own architecture studio Donnell & Day Architecture in Cockle Bay with a focus on sustainable residential homes.


The judge’s comments on Day’s design said: “A plan of beautiful simplicity and clarity divides the plan of the winning entry into public and private zones separated by a full building length storage and utility wall. Accommodating multi-generational family needs, a highly functional flexible and accessible room is easily transformed from play space, to home office, to third bedroom. Altogether this was an extremely well-considered and elegant solution.”