Anti-drone missile system at school

Cockle Bay School has reported multiple sightings of a drone over the grounds.

Students at a local primary school have been trying to take down a pesky drone which has been buzzing the school.

Cockle Bay Primary School’s acting principal Paul Crowhurst said in May in a school newsletter: “In recent weeks we have encountered the roving presence of a high-spec drone around school.

“As such, I commissioned, with the blessing of the Civil Aviation Authority, Cockle Bay School’s first ever anti-drone defence system.

“Although this shower of soccer and rugby balls has been unsuccessful at bringing said drone down to earth, it has seemed to stop the visits during school hours.”

However, close to the end of the May, the school had more sightings over the school outside of school hours. “The police and CAA have been contacted as flying drones over private property is not lawful,” Mr Crowhurst.

“The police are looking into the matter. It is clear that the drone is being launched somewhere between Cockle Bay School and the coast, we would be most appreciative of any information on who is flying this drone or where it is being launched from.”

Police confirmed to the Times they have made enquiries however have been unable to identify the origin of the drone and have since had no further reports.