An influx of rubbish dumping

Howick Local Board chair Adele White


Illegal rubbish dumping

It has been disappointing to see an influx of rubbish dumping in both urban and rural parts of Howick.

Illegal rubbish dumping refers to any rubbish dumped on public property. It can be large items (e.g. a fridge or couch) or bagged rubbish.

You can report this to 0800 NO DUMP (0800 663 867)

A vehicle registration number and any descriptions of vehicle or offender is helpful.

Auckland Council will investigate claims of illegally dumped rubbish and try to identify the offender.

Offenders caught illegally dumping rubbish will be ordered to remove the rubbish and may be issued with a fine of up to $400. Serious offenders may also be prosecuted under the Litter Act 1979 with a maximum penalty of $30,000.

Ecological improvements

During November, focus has been given to general pest plant control throughout Auckland. Locally, additional pest plant control was undertaken at Macleans Park, The Cascades, Hayley Lane and Curacao Place Esplanade Reserve.

Amazing young people

Our community is so full of talent! Recently Local Board members have had the privilege of attending school prize-givings, and other functions where our youth are acknowledged for their work. We have seen young people rewarded for academic achievement, special talents and their interactions with others by way of community work and their mentoring of others.

It is wonderful to see our Enviroschools participants taking their learnings out and about, leading waste management at local events, taking part in pest control and championing waste reduction. Our congratulations to you all.

Time to light the tree!

On Friday night November 20 we will light Howick’s Christmas Tree on Stockade Hill.
This annual event brings many Howick families to enjoy musical entertainment on the hill from 6.30pm until the lights are turned on just after 8.45pm. Come and join us as we welcome Christmas 2020!

  • Adele White is chair of Howick Local Board