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AMETI Eastern Busway submissions meeting

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The AMETI Eastern Busway project will deliver the initial stage of New Zealand’s first urban busway, allowing bus travel on congestion free lanes between Panmure and Pakuranga. Photo supplied

Auckland Transport has organised another public information session for the AMETI Eastern Busway (Panmure to Pakuranga section) at the Panmure Community Hall on Monday.

Members of the public, especially local residents and business owners, are encouraged to attend the public information session to speak with the AMETI project team and learn more about the project.

Auckland Transport has lodged a Notice of Requirement and resource consent application to Auckland Council for the Eastern Busway – Panmure to Pakuranga section. The council has publicly notified the project and it is open for public submissions to March 6.

The AMETI Eastern Busway project will deliver the initial stage of New Zealand’s first urban busway, allowing bus travel on congestion free lanes between Panmure and Pakuranga.

AMETI Eastern Busway Project director Duncan Humphrey says, “The Panmure to Pakuranga section of AMETI is the first stage of an important project to provide transport choices and better connections for residents of east Auckland.

“The Panmure to Pakuranga busway will allow buses to travel with higher frequency on congestion free lanes; making journeys more reliable and quicker. Walking and cycling routes will also be safer and include more direct connections.

“Safeguarding the route through the Notice of Requirement will provide certainty to both existing and future property owners.”

Mr Humphrey encourages people to make submissions to Auckland Council on the project.

Auckland Transport’s application has taken on board feedback from previous consultations. Some of these include:

Changes to the design of the Panmure intersection

  • Adding in a U-turn facility on Queens Road in Panmure
  • Moving the proposed new Panmure Bridge 5m north to future-proof the upgrade of the existing road bridge
  • Widening Williams Avenue in Pakuranga to allow parking on both sides and two lanes of traffic
  • Improvements to property access along the route

Following public submissions there will be a public hearing by independent commissioners to test Auckland Transport’s application for consents for the proposal. This process allows any member of the public to make submissions supporting or challenging the proposal.

Project features

  • Replacing the Panmure roundabout with an intersection with traffic lights, bus priority and more direct pedestrian crossings
  • Panmure to Pakuranga busway on dedicated lanes separate to general traffic congestion
  • Panmure to Pakuranga footpaths and cycle lanes separate to traffic
  • Second Panmure Bridge for the busway, with separated footpaths and cycle lanes.


  • Shorter and safer walking routes around Panmure Station and town centre
  • Safer walking and cycling connections between Panmure and Pakuranga
  • The Panmure intersection will prioritise movement of vehicles along Lagoon Drive and Ellerslie-Panmure Highway
  • More frequent bus services – every five to 10 minutes between Panmure and Pakuranga
  • Making bus journey times reliable at any time of the day
  • A significant amount of work has been carried out to minimise the effects on the environment including improvements to water quality through increased stormwater treatment
  • Improving access to and recognition of the nationally significant Mokoia Pa and the historic 150-year old remains of the Panmure Swing Bridge
  • Safer and easier for motorists to access Pakuranga Road
  • Better transport connections to the bus and train networks.

The following stages of AMETI will see the construction of the Pakuranga bus station, the construction of Reeves Road Flyover and extending the busway to Botany town centre.





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