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Accountant Nancy Lu selected as National Party candidate

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Nancy Lu is standing for the National Party at the upcoming general election. Photo supplied

An east Auckland chartered accountant is standing as a List-only candidate for the National Party at this year’s general election.

Nancy Lu says as a young mother she wants her children and every Kiwi child to grow up in a New Zealand where they can truly succeed.

“I’m standing for National because it’s the only party with the ability to competently manage our economy so we can deliver more opportunities and help our young people succeed here at home.

“It’s only through a strong economy that New Zealand can reduce the cost-of-living and interest rates, lift incomes and ensure businesses can truly thrive.”

Lu attended Pakuranga Intermediate School and Macleans College after moving to New Zealand with her parents from China in 1987 when she was nine years old.

She graduated from the University of Auckland with first-class honours in international business and a double major in accounting with her Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Lu has recently gained a Master in Public Administration qualification from the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School in the US.

She works as a chartered accountant and has a professional background in accounting, finance, and international trade.

She’s worked in New Zealand, Hong Kong and China in various roles including with Auckland Council, Dashang, PwC, EY, Fonterra, and COSCO.

Lu has been actively involved in the National Party for many years and is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

She says people are feeling unsafe in their communities and only National can stop the “soft-on-crime” approach and restore law and order.

“We will back our police with the tools they need to tackle gang crime, we’ll introduce boot camps to set the most serious young offenders on a more productive path, and we’ll strengthen consequences for crime and increase support for victims.”

Lu is a proud mum of two young girls and lives in Auckland with her husband and family.

“I’m grateful for the support of the National Party to campaign for the party vote as a List candidate and I’ll work hard to share National’s plans to fix the economy and get our country back on track with as many people as I can before October 14,” she says.

“This is the most important election in a generation.

“I’ll be campaigning strongly across New Zealand’s diverse communities on National’s excellent suite of policies focused on reducing the cost of living, restoring law and order and improving our schools and healthcare.”

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