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A very special birthday

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Four year old Travis Allan, pictured here with his Dad Lance Corporal Christopher James Allan, turns five on ANZAC Day.

This Anzac day, Travis Allan will wake up before the crack of dawn. He’ll rug up warm and head into Howick with his father to take part in the Anzac Dawn Parade.

It’s a routine he knows well – he’s been doing it his whole life.

This Anzac Day Travis will turn five and he will celebrate his birthday as he has done since he was born – attending the Howick Dawn Service at Stockade Hill.

It’s a special tradition Travis’ father, Lance Corporal Christopher James Allan holds dear to his heart.

Allan served in the New Zealand Army for more than five years and currently serves in the Territorial Force, now known as the Army Reserve.

“It’s something we can do together as father and son and I love being able to share with him something that is so important to me,” Allan says.

“I am raising him to understand the sacrifices that people made and the importance of honouring those soldiers.”

Allan says each year is more enjoyable than the last for Travis as his understanding of the purpose behind the parade grows.

“I think as he gets older he is able to participate more and ask questions, and hopefully one day he will thank me for sharing this with him from such a young age.”

When Travis is asked if he too wants to be in the army one day, a cheeky grin spreads across his face.

“Yes, like Daddy.” he says.

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