Sunday, May 19, 2024

A special seat of remembrance

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A special seat at Baverstock Oaks School has been installed to remember founder and departing principal Mary Wilson by. Times photo Wayne Martin.

The time has finally come for Mary Wilson, founder principal of Baverstock Oaks School to hand over the baton after 14 years.

Prior to a very moving farewell assembly on Tuesday, students gathered in the courtyard to celebrate a small gift to the school–something to remember the accomplished Ms Wilson by.

A symbolic seat in the shape of a koru, (spiral shape based on a silver fern frond) near the school playground has a special significance.

Sitting underneath an oak tree, the seat is symbolic for the acclaimed educationist who is moving on to bigger challenges.

Ms Wilson has a passion for oak trees and the koru as well as the enjoyment of the outdoors, says associate principal Andrew Flanagan.  The koru stands for new life, growth and strength.

“The youngest children in our school are the acorns and she is very passionate about them as well as the middle level –the budding branches and the senior kids are the tall oaks,” says Mr Flanagan.

The children couldn’t wait to make full use of the special seat of honour but had to be indoors due to bad weather.



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