A boy and his horse win big award

William Gauld, a student at Clevedon School, and his horse Theo. photos: Stacy Kerrison.

When William Gauld is with his horse, Theo, he feels calm and happy.

And by writing about it, the Clevedon School student nabbed first place in the Youth category for the NZ Gypsy Cob Association Annual Awards.

William, 10, had to write about Theo and their adventures together over the past season.

Theo is a Gypsy Cob Sporthorse bred by William’s mum, Nicola Dalmeida.

William fell in love with Theo, who is now 3.5 years old, so they decided to keep him.

“I learnt that I can go up to Theo’s paddock and give him cuddles and it makes me feel way better,” William wrote in his Youth Category entry.

“When I am struggling at school I think about Theo and then somehow I calm down and feel more relaxed.”

William running Theo through some training courses like how to put a letter in the mailbox.

William says he and Theo spend their time practicing show tricks, swimming together and as of recently, ride together.

In December, William took Theo to his first show and they walked away with 2nd, 3rd and 4th place ribbons.

“He is sensitive like me and he can be a bit of a sook sometimes, but he always trusts me if we do it together. I feel good that I can help him get over his fears,” William says.

Nicola says William wrote his entry all by himself, wanting to describe in his own words the special bond he has with his horse.

William says one day he hopes to get to Horse of the Year with Theo.

Theo the Gypsy Cob watching William swimming.