Warm up for winter with efficent home ventilation

An efficient ventilation system is essential to keep the house dry and warm, especially in the colder months.

Everyday activities like cooking, showering and drying clothes create moisture which is absorbed by wall coverings, drapes and carpets.

Humidity not only damages the furniture, it also feeds mould and mildew, which can cause asthma and other allergies.

The revolutionary Unovent® home ventilation system is costefficient and simple to install (DIY) with individual ductless outlets, each with its own fan and washable filter. The system pulls dry air from the roof cavity into the home living spaces, reducing moisture and window condensation.

The outlets are connected in series to a simple low voltage power supply using lightweight cabling. The Unobrain controller switches ventilation on and off, depending on the air temperature and moisture. Unovent® outlets can be attached to the roof cavity or through the wall in the new h-line product range to draw air in directly from outside.

For holiday houses, the new add-on Unosola keeps the Unovent® system running through solar power when nobody’s home and the mains power is switched off, keeping the musty smell and mould away, so the bach is ready for the family to use at any time.

A few reasons why Unovent® is a revolution in home ventilation:

  • Low cost – up to 75 per cent less than other systems, yet more effective
  • Easy installation – can be DIY or done by an electrician. Installed in a few hours. No ducting or complex equipment is required
  • No electronics to master – safe 12-volt transformer plugged into 240v socket
  • Low running costs – less than $1 per month vs. $5-$30 per month
  • Can be extended at any point – start with some rooms then add other rooms later
  • Very quiet operation – lab tested at 14 decibels, barely audible to the human ear
  • Lifetime warranty – Unovent® fans are designed to run more than 150,000 hours
  • No adjustments ever required – fully automated humidity and temperature controls pre-set for New Zealand conditions provide effective operation
  • Great distribution nationwide

Even better results – the combined use of Unovent® ventilation system and its affiliated enterprise Showerdome shower tops improves control over unwanted moisture at home.

An average size Kiwi three-bedroom home with one living room would require four Unovent outlets mounted in the ceiling, at a starting DIY price of $1713.50.

Alternatively Unovent® can provide installation.

Sponsored by Unovent

For more information please visit www.unovent.co.nz