Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Filly, a must-visit, trendy, new cafe at Sylvia Park

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Fun, funky and friendly are the first three words that come to mind as you step into Filly, the trendy, new cafe at Sylvia Park.

While the shopping mall is expanding by the minute, Filly skirts the exterior of the new extension at Sylvia Park and is close to Kmart. If you are familiar with the flash, new food court on The Terrace at Sylvia Park, Filly sits right below it facing the outdoor carpark.
With Filly being another trendy offering from the stable of Roger Liu’s hospitality group WooZoo, you can rest assured that it is not only the food and drink but also the design element that is an absolute standout.

The 90-seater cafe exudes designed by Mille has a contemporary aesthetic. The sun-drenched indoor-outdoor flow enhanced by hanger doors, a splash of vibrant colours and chairs with funky designs, makes it a cool place to hang out at.

Adding to the design element is the work of Evie Kemp, an Auckland artist with a huge Instagram following. Evie also collaborates with Sylvia Park and you can spot her work throughout the mall.

In line with all their successful cafes including Percy at Landing Business Park, Spectra in the New PwC Tower at Commercial Bay and Fields in Albany, Filly’s name originates from the history of the land it is located on.

A fast trot into the past shows that Sylvia Park was once a very successful stud farm, before it developed into a much-sought-after shopping destination that is growing by the minute.

There is a bit of creative genius as you notice a specially commissioned print of Savabeel by New Zealand-born Japanese artist Claudia Kogachi. Also, colourful, artistic horse impressions on takeaway boxes along with funky lights designed like a racetrack and the starting point at the race course … adds to the ambience that tells a story.

Hardly a month old, Filly is swarming with a mix of coffee nerds, serial shoppers, millennial with laptops in tow, mums catching up with friends, staff from neighbouring offices grabbing a quick brunch, and more importantly, foodies who can’t seem to get enough of the well-curated, all-day menu.

Whilst on the subject of food, the highly recommended Filly Cheesesteak is a sure winner, served with caramelised onion, crispy shallots, provolone and Greens on a brioche roll served with herbed garlic butter, chipotle sauce, fries and house mayo.

Ricotta red velvet Hotcake with cream cheese glaze, very berry mascarpone and topped with seasonal fruits and chocolate soil is another showstopper.

The freshly baked treats in the cabinet look like technicolour dreamboats that taste as good as they look.

Adding to the experience is the gracious and friendly staff at Filly—they make you want to return with your friends even before you’ve finished sipping onto your favourite Atomic Coffee.

Talking of beverages, for the non-coffee drinkers, an inviting selection of Zealong Organic Tea, Iced Frappes, Housemade Smoothies, Cold Press Juice, Housemade Soda and Karma Range, to keep you well hydrated in summer.

From Eggs on Toast to Filly Benedict and Halloumi Salad, there is enough to choose from for those who prefer a staple diet of regular fish and chips too.

The play area for kids that sits right beside Filly is another welcome attraction for young families with kids.

Owner Roger who has successfully worked on launching 14 cafes to-date, says that the child-friendly cafe will offer ‘free meals’ for kids accompanied by parents eating out at the cafe — for the next four weeks.

With fifty new shops added to the Mecca for retail therapy and dining hotspots, it’s interesting to note that Sylvia Park has now become a well-frequented foodie destination too. According to the know-alls, more and more people are heading to Sylvia Park for the popular eateries and stepping out to shop only after they’ve had their fill. Instead of it being the other way around!

Definitely worth a visit, there is plenty of parking right across Filly. There is every possibility that once you’ve had a taste of Filly you may want to sprint back in that direction again.

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