Thursday, June 13, 2024

Marking 175 years

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Marking time are, from left, Tadhg Nevin, 9 and his sister Keeva, 7, and brother Oisin, 5 of Farm Cove. Photo Wayne Martin

These three are getting into the spirit of the region’s 175th anniversary.

The oldest boy, Tadhg Nevin became impromptu spokesperson.

“Our Dad is Irish so we know about the potato famine and that is why so many people came from there 175 years ago,” said Tadhg.

“It took 100 days for them to sail here. They were called the Fencibles and the Historical Village has some of their houses.

“There are lots of places called Fencible in Howick to help remember them.  Howick is 175 years old this year and in five years will be 180.”

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