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Enjoying Howick

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Marion Skelton has lived in the Howick area for more than three decades.

As part of Howick 175 events and celebrations, we have asked Howick/Pakukranga residents to share some of their memories. Today we hear from is a Howick 175 Ambassador Marion Skelton 

I moved to Howick 33 years ago. I became involved in the community when I was elected to the Cockle Bay School Board of Trustees. During this time I organised the school galas and set up the After School Care and holiday programmes.

I was the establishment Board Chair of both Somerville Intermediate and Botany Downs Secondary College. The boards were responsible for the construction and resourcing of these schools. This year I took on the role as Chairperson of The Friends of Mangemangeroa after the sad passing of Allan Riley, the previous Chairperson.

I became a Howick 175 Ambassador so I was able to help the committee of 175 Howick to mark this anniversary as part of the history of the Howick area. There are some wonderful activities planned for this anniversary and it is great to be involved.

A memory for me was when we were building and resourcing Somerville Intermediate. The road speed down Somerville Road was 100 km/h. The board considered this speed too high for a road where students would be leaving the school grounds.

I worked with Ross Robertson, the local MP at the time. Before the school was opened, the speed limit was changed to 70km/h and then to 50 km/h.

My name is on the wall outside Botany Downs Secondary College marking the Establishment Board and staff of the school.

Howick has had a lot of changes over the 33 years I have lived here, but the community has always kept its village community atmosphere.

Stockade Hill where the annual Anzac service is held and has the Christmas lights on the tree each December, plus Mangemangeroa Reserve, which has had native tree planting over the last 20 years,are some of the venues enjoyed by the community.

We also have the Saturday markets in the village that are well supported and a lot of fun, plus all the activities put on for local entertainment.  I enjoy being part of the Howick Community.

  • Marion Skelton is chairperson of Friends of Mangemangeroa and has chaired the boards at Somerville Intermediate and Botany Downs Secondary College

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