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Treat your dad with a trip back to the future

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Mat Bedgoni and East City Wesleyan Church senior pastor Rev Dr Richard Waugh pictured with the replica DeLorean time machine from the hit movie Back to the Future.

Dads get to travel through time this Father’s Day with the chance to experience a DeLorean Time Machine from the film Back to the Future.

The 1980s DeLorean time machine replica will be at East City Wesleyan’s annual Father’s Day Blokes and Cars/Bikes event this Sunday.

East Auckland resident Mat Bedogni spent more than 1400 hours modifying the DeLorean to look like the one used by Doc and Marty McFly in the film.

Bedgoni says he even received guidance from the directors of the 1985 film to ensure the car looked as close to the original as possible.

The car enthusiast says everything from the colour of the wires to the placement of the screws is copied from the original, making it almost an exact replica.

“Being a young kid in the 80s it was the number one movie car and I think it still is. I always wanted a DeLorean, but it took about five or six years before I felt confident I could turn it into the movie car,” he says.

Since the car was finished, Bedgoni has received praise from around the world for his accuracy in recreating the iconic film car.

“I had a DeLorean filmmaker come to New Zealand and he was visiting all of the DeLorean car owners in the country,” Bedgoni says.

“He has seen a lot of the DeLorean’s around the world for his film, but when he saw this car he said he’s never seen a replica movie car as accurate as this one. He reckons it must be in the top three most accurate in the world.”

Bedogni says he loves being able to share the car with the community and see the joy it brings to other people.

For $10 event-goers can get their photo taken in the DeLorean and receive a time travel certificate.

There will also be a range of cars and bikes on display at the Father’s Day event, a free barbeque and drinks and a fire truck and an educational display by fire and emergency services.

The event is free for community members of all ages.

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