Car show celebrate 20 years of VW new Beetle

Beetle enthusiasts Jane St George-Waugh and Don Nobel will be proudly showing off their Volksvagen ‘new Beetle’s’ at the Brit & Euro Car Show next month.

Don Noble knows almost every Volksvagen ‘new Beetle’ in the Howick area.

As he starts firing off a few of the number plates of Beetle’s that regularly grace the roads of east Auckland, there is no doubt he is an unwavering fan of the new Beetle.

Replacing an icon isn’t easy, but the new Beetle design did exactly that when it was introduced in 1998 to huge fanfare.

It was a bold move that kicked off a retro-niche in the car market and now, 20 years on, is paving the way to the new Beetle design becoming a bona-fide classic.

Physically reminiscent of the beloved original VW Beetle, designed by Ferdinand Porsche in the 1930s, the new Beetle’s retro-theme captured the hearts of many.

The new design sports a more distinctive rounded shape and is cherished for its unique design and interesting colours.

Don Noble and Jane St George-Waugh are just two of many who continue to adore the new Beetle and will be proudly showing off their cars at the Brit & Euro Car Show next month.

Jane has a chic 2004 duck egg blue convertible that exudes elegance while Don’s 2005 yellow Beetle grabs the attention of anyone who catches a glimpse.

The sloping headlamps and large round tail lights, and a high rounded roofline are what they love most about the new Beetle design.

“They’re also nippy little cars, easy and fun to drive with plenty of oomph,” Don adds.

“I think they are well on their way to becoming a classic,” says Jane. “But only time will tell.”

This year the Brit and Euro Car show is celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the new Beetle design.

Chair of the car show organising committee, Rev Dr Richard Waugh, adds, “I commend Don and Jane displaying their Beetles and encourage many other East Auckland Beetle owners to register their cars via our website by the deadline of February 14.

“It will be a real attraction to have a corral of these appealing cars, now 20 years old.”

The ‘new Beetle’ cars will join more than 650 cars and motorcycles that will be on display at this free community event.

The Brit & Euro Car Show will be held at Lloyd Elsmore Park on Sunday March 4 from 10am.

  • See to register your VW Beetle or any other classic cars in the event.