Thursday, April 18, 2024

School digs deep for wetland

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Two students working together to plant one of the plants.

Anchorage Park School and the Eastern Busway project team have collaborated to plant 100 native trees in the school’s native wetland area.

The school’s enviro team, led by Lorraine Field, worked hard to plant and mulch 100 trees last month to sustain its wetland area and encourage more native birds.

The school and the project team are focused on sustainability so this initiative was a perfect match of values and an opportunity to work together as the school works towards its Enviroschools silver reflection at the end of the year.

Anchorage Park School is the first school in New Zealand to use biodegradable seedling pots.

It is a new product developed with help from the Ministry for Primary Industries’ Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures fund.

The sustainable pots were developed by Pinehurst Associates.

The pots can last 12 months above ground before biodegrading. Then the degrading process starts as soon as soil is added.

They have the potential to make a difference globally.

They will be sold commercially within the next year. This offers a plastic-free alternative to the 350 million plastic trays and pots used by New Zealand nurseries and gardeners each year.

“It was fantastic for the children to experience planting the bio-pots with help from the Eastern Busway representatives,” says Anchorage Park School principal Tracy Leader.

“The students are now keen to see their efforts flourish and grow. We are really grateful for the support of the project team and partnership with them as new neighbours.”

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