Sunday, May 19, 2024

Police help Kiwis mask-up under new Alert level 2 settings 

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Assistant Commissioner Richard Chambers says Police increased visibility around the country this morning to help remind people of the new restrictions and the requirement to wear masks on buses, trains and ferries.

Police in Auckland and around the country have been on hand to help New Zealanders ease into the new Alert Level 2 this morning.

From today, wearing a face covering is mandatory on public transport at Alert Levels 2 and above.

As part of the wider Police response, thousands of face masks will be distributed to members of the public across the country.

Assistant Commissioner Richard Chambers says police increased visibility around the country this morning to help remind people of the new restrictions and the requirement to wear masks on buses, trains and ferries.

“We recognise this requirement is something new for many Kiwis and it’s something people may not have been used to doing previously,” says Chambers.

“While these masks have been designed to be disposable, as part of our education approach, it is hoped that it makes the idea of wearing a face covering become more familiar for the public.

“Our response to Covid-19 has been to work with the public first and remind them of what is required from them.”

Chambers says it also is highly recommended that people wear a face covering while out in public and in areas where adhering to physical distancing may be difficult.

“While we will be present at transport hubs, we will also be present in other areas which would normally see higher volumes of foot traffic.”

Since Alert Levels were increased nearly three weeks ago, police have conducted thousands of reassurance patrols throughout Auckland.

This is set to continue across the region’s three Policing districts and for the rest of the country, which is also at Alert Level 2.

“It’s a good time to remind people that while Auckland will no longer be at Alert level 3, there are still restrictions on gathering numbers and physical distancing,” says Assistant Commissioner Chambers.

Gatherings are restricted to a maximum of 10 people in Auckland and people should observe a minimum of two metres separation from people they don’t know in public.

“For everywhere else, the Alert Level stays the same.

“People should keep track of their movements, and gatherings are limited to 100.”

“Police would like to acknowledge the vast majority of the Auckland community who played their part in Alert Level 3 and we are confident this will continue into level 2.”

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