Sunday, May 19, 2024

Locked down…again!

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Adele White is chair of Howick Local Board

Members of the Howick Local Board quickly adjusted their way of working to comply with the restrictions of Covid-19 Level 3 and currently 2.5.

Workshops and business meetings have continued through the use of Skype, and face-to-face meetings and events postponed until restrictions ease. Again, it has been wonderful to see our locals offering help to each other and generously supporting our local businesses.

Park and playground signage for Covid-19

Auckland Council have installed signage on parks, beaches and playground that advises appropriate usage for each of Covid-19 Levels 1 to 4. This ensures that restrictions to ensure public safety are in place as we move from one level to another.

20 questions on water

In recent meetings with two resident and ratepayer groups, it became evident that many of the concerns of local residents are around issues relating to water. On Wednesday, August 26, the Local Board, with the assistance of Local Board Services staff, hosted an online forum during which subject matter experts from Healthy Waters, Watercare, Auckland Council’s Research and Evaluation Unit (RIMU) and Council’s Resource Consents Team addressed questions submitted by the two groups.

Some of the topics covered were stormwater and sewerage infrastructure, marine life monitoring, riparian planting, monitoring of water at beaches and waterways and legal issues around Unitary Plan compliance. This forum is available online, using this link:

From Auckland Transport

Murphys Road, Flat Bush – between Ormiston Road and Flat Bush Road, has now reopened to traffic as a four-lane road. Recognised as an area that will experience significant development in the coming years the growth of Flat Bush growth needed to be supported by building or improving arterial roads, bus routes, pedestrian facilities, and cycling facilities. The new road provides improved access to the numerous new residential developments in this location.

Selwyn Road, Howick, will shortly undergo road rehabilitation – despite tight financial constraints. This will involve renewing the road and fixing related problems. The contractor plans to complete the work in September/October. Some enabling work such as sub-soil drains installation has already been completed as this is usually carried out before major rehabilitation.

Eastern Train Line services between Britomart and Otahuhu will not be running until Sunday, September 20. This is so Kiwi Rail can continue repairs and replacement of tracks. Trains will continue to be replaced with buses.

Adele White is chair of the Howick Local Board

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