Saturday, May 18, 2024

Howick Village landlord waives tenants’ rent for April

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Wally Rice and partner Marilyn Bakker.

Following the announcement of the Covid-19 national lockdown, Wally Rice of Rice Family Partnership says there was no hesitation in giving a rent-free April to all tenants of Rices Mall.

“We value our many tenants and their businesses which they have worked hard to develop, some over many years,” he told the Times, also one of the tenants.

“They are an essential part of Howick Village Shopping Centre and valued by the community at large. The safety and welfare of our tenants is of prime importance to us. All business owners and their staff face challenging times during this world-wide pandemic.

“We are all in this together and need to support one another in practical ways, and with kindness and consideration.”

He continued, “New Zealanders, and particularly Howickians, have always demonstrated resilience and a pioneering spirit. Rest assured when this pandemic is defeated, Howick Village shops will be up and running ready to serve the community again with friendly service and a smile.

“By now everyone knows the role they have to play. Be kind, take care and look out for one another.”

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