Restaurant location of interest, student tests positive

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The Ministry of Health (MoH) has named today an east Auckland restaurant as a close-contact location of interest for six separate days and a student at Pakuranga College has tested positive.

Gorkha Eastern Beach Indian Restaurant in Eastern Beach has been listed for January 28 (Friday), January 29 (Saturday), January 30 (Sunday), January 31 (Monday), February 1 (Tuesday) and February 2 (Wednesday) from 1130am-10pm for the same time period on each day, all as close-contacts.

MoH advises anyone that visited during these listed days and times to self-isolate, test immediately and on day 5 after exposure at this location. Further isolation and testing requirements will be provided by Public Health.

Record your visit online or call Healthline so contact tracers can get in touch.

Meanwhile, a Pakuranga College student has tested positive for Covid-19. The student was at school last week while possibly infectious, says principal Michael Williams. No students have been identified as close contact. However some close contacts in her social circle have been identified by the MoH.

Pakuranga College has several health and safety protocols in place to reduce the chance of the spread of the virus. “Everyone is required to wear a mask while inside,” Williams says. “We have ventilation (keeping windows open), santisiing when entering a room, and social distancing as much as possible.”

In addition, the school has extra cleaning happening with a focus on high touch surfaces. Additionally any activities that are higher risk factors have been halted – including no assemblies. All physical activity will be outside.

“There is naturally some anxiety amongst parents and students but we are reassuring the school is safe,” Williams says. “I am very confident that the MoH has done a thorough job and the school is safe.

“We know that many schools have had a positive case and in each of these situations there has not been any spread of the virus in normal classroom situations. Any spread has been household contacts, close friends from social situations and activities like camps.

“The safeguards we have in place work well and are keeping the school safe.”