Concerns over congregation as city returns to life

Mayor Phil Goff is calling on Aucklanders to continue to follow social distancing rules as the city gets busier.

Images of people congregating, and not socially distancing, as they pick up takeaways and visit parks or beaches are of concern.

“I know everyone is excited to return to some kind of normalcy with things like takeaways, coffee and some physical activities, but I am concerned about the lack of social distancing we are seeing,” said Mayor Goff.

“If you are congregating, intentionally or unintentionally, to get food or coffee or at the park, this is going to hinder the good work we have all done over the five weeks of Level 4 lockdown.

“Aucklanders have done a really good job at Level 4 and that has meant we have saved lives. We must continue to do that.

“The Prime Minister has said repeatedly that we need to continue to be vigilant and we cannot slip back into our pre-lockdown habits. I know this is hard, especially after more than a month of being in Level 4, but we need to keep going for a little while longer.

“Please remember that playgrounds are still not to be used. You have to stand two metres apart if you are waiting in line. Still limit your travel and extending your bubble. We need to follow these rules if we are going to successfully go from Level 3 to Level 2.

“No one wants a return to Level 4 lockdown again, but that will all be dependent on how well each and every one of us follows social distancing rules.”