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Banding together to make some music during lock-down

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The first Co-Vid Home Harmonies will be on Saturday April 4 at 6pm, and it will be ‘Slice of Heaven’ by legendary Dave Dobbyn. Photo supplied Photo supplied

Italy did it, Spain, did it and England tried it!

Now it’s time for New Zealand to create something truly beautiful music.

In an effort to boost the collective morale during the nationwide Covid-19 lock-down, Nicole June of Nichole June Productions  along with her two friends Melissa Stewart and Summer Bredin are calling on all musicians, musically-minded, musical mad, and most importantly the  Tamariki who would like to bang some pots and pans, to get amongst some classic NZ Music.

“We are not composers, heck half of us can’t even play the triangle, but we are all stuck at home so let’s all help to bring the nation together,” says Nichole.

Each Monday morning of lock-down an iconic NZ song will be named.

“Everyone will have one week to learn the song and then every Saturday night we will each live stream from our home bubble,” she says.

Whether you play from the end of your driveway for the whole street to enjoy, from your backyard to share with the neighbours over the fence, or from the lounge with the kids and homemade instruments, there is bound to be some amazing music as people harmonise and the streets echo with music.

While Co-Vid-19 costumes are optional, everyone needs to adhere to the necessary lock-down rules and stay in their bubble.

“Let’s band together as a street, road, lane or crescent,” says Nichole.

First up it will be ‘Slice of Heaven’ by legendary Dave Dobbyn. Sheet music and lyrics are available on our FB Group, as well as fun ideas for homemade instruments so anyone of any ability can join in on this journey.

The community can share their videos or live home stream direct to FB group or Instagram with the official hashtags #HOMEHARMONIES, #STAYATHOME .

To make this happen do share FB Group and Event.  Let’s get the community partaking together (but separately) to create a virtual presence across the  nation.

The first Co-Vid Home Harmonies will be on Saturday April 4 at 6pm.


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