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45 community cases of Covid-19, 12 of them unlinked

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September 29, 2021

Number of new community cases 45
Number of new cases identified at the border No cases
Location of new community cases Auckland
Location of community cases (total) Auckland (including 4 cases in Upper Hauraki; all of whom are in the same household) 1213 (969 of whom have recovered); Wellington 17 (all of whom have recovered)
Number of community cases (total) 1230 (in the current community outbreak)
Cases infectious in the community Four (50%) of yesterday’s cases have exposure events
Cases in isolation throughout the period they were infectious Four (50 %) of yesterday’s cases
Cases epidemiologically linked 33 of today’s 45 cases are linked. Of these 26 are household contacts.
Cases to be epidemiologically linked Twelve of today’s 45 cases. Investigations are continuing to determine a link.
Cases epidemiologically linked (total) 1193 (in the current cluster) (15 unlinked from the past fortnight).
Number of sub-clusters 15 epidemiologically linked sub-clusters. Of these, three are active, eight are contained and four are dormant. There are 10 epidemiologically unlinked sub-clusters. Of these, none are active, three are contained and seven are dormant.
Cases in hospital 16 (total): North Shore (2) Middlemore (7); Auckland (7)
Cases in ICU or HDU Three
Confirmed cases (total)* 3892 since pandemic began.
Historical cases, since 1 Jan 2021 (total) 159 out of 2074 since 1 Jan 2021
Number of open contacts being managed (total): 951
Percentage who have received an outbound call from contact tracers (to confirm testing and isolation requirements) 92%
Percentage with at least one test result 91%
Locations of interest
Locations of interest (total) 91 (as at 10am 28 September)
Number of tests (total) 3,361,927
Number of tests processed (total last 24 hours) 15,437
Tests processed in Auckland (last 24 hours) 8537
Tests rolling average (last 7 days) 13,438
Testing centres in Auckland 21
Wastewater detections There are no new unexpected wastewater detections. We are awaiting further results following the positive detection in Tauranga reported yesterday.
Covid-19 vaccine update
Vaccines administered to date (total) 5,132,627; 1st doses: 3,266,796; 2nd doses: 1,865,831
Vaccines administered yesterday (total) 44,649 1st doses: 13,519; 2nd doses: 31,130
Mâori 1st doses: 314,427; 2nd doses: 163,804
Pacific Peoples 1st doses: 203,198; 2nd doses: 114,733
Vaccines administered to Auckland residents to date (total) 1,868,161; 1st doses: 1,185,737 (83%); 2nd doses: 682,424 (48%)
Vaccines administered to Auckland residents yesterday (total) 14,376; 1st doses: 3,884; 2nd doses: 10,492
NZ Covid-19 tracer
Registered users (total) 3,259,983
Poster scans (total) 392,744,620
Manual diary entries (total) 17,213,554
Poster scans in 24 hours to midday yesterday 2,358,889

*There are four new recoveries to report and a case from yesterday has now been reclassified as under investigation. Therefore the total case count has increased by 44 today.

Today’s cases
Of today’s new cases,  33 are known to be household or other close contacts of existing cases and many of them have been isolating throughout their infectious period, either at home or in an MIQ facility.

Of the 26 household contacts, 12 come from two households, with six in each. Many of these cases were ‘expected’ and likely to arise from household and other close contacts

Presently 12 cases are unlinked and interviews are underway, however for six of those there are already potential links visible.

Now that Auckland is at Alert Level 3, some of these people may have been working in essential or permitted businesses during their infectious periods. This emphasises the importance of everyone in Auckland continuing to abide by Alert Level 3 measures – including mask wearing and staying in your bubble.

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