4 new cases of Covid-19 in managed isolation

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Ministry of Health Covid-19 update

November 2, 2020

There are four new cases of Covid-19 to report from managed isolation in New Zealand today, and no new community cases.

Of the four cases we are reporting today:

·        One case is an international mariner staying at the Sudima in Christchurch, detected at day 15 testing as a close contact of a day 6 case.  The person is now in quarantine.
·        One case arrived on October 19 from Milan via Singapore and tested positive to routine testing at around day 12. The person is now in the Auckland quarantine facility.
·        One case arrived on October 28 from London via Singapore and tested positive to routine testing at around day 3.  The person is now in the Auckland quarantine facility.
·        One case was detected in managed isolation in Auckland, after being given permission to join a family member recently arrived from overseas. The family member has previously been recorded in our positive case totals.  Today’s case will be recorded as an import-related case.

Our total number of active cases is 81.

Our total number of confirmed cases is now 1607.

Yesterday our laboratories completed 3046 tests for Covid-19, bringing the total number of tests completed to date to 1,104,113.

International mariners in managed isolation in Christchurch
As outlined above, day 15 testing has been carried out on all group members who are not already confirmed cases. This has resulted in one additional positive case, who already being monitored as a known close contact.

We have now had a total of 31 positive cases connected to this group.

All those who meet our low risk indicators, which include those who have recovered or have returned consistently negative test results throughout their stay, will be eligible to leave managed isolation from tomorrow November 3.  We will only release individuals when these testing criteria have been met.

Some individuals in this group have now been tested as many as four times. We want to thank them for their commitment to New Zealand’s testing processes and for contributing to good health outcomes for them and their colleagues.

NZ Covid Tracer
There are now 2,336,200 users registered on NZ Covid Tracer.

The app has recorded a total of 104,791,378 poster scans and users have created a total of 4,375,467 manual diary entries.