Firms prioritising staff vaccinations

NZ Post’s two-day drive through vaccination clinic encourages employees to get the vaccine. Photo NZ Post Facebook.

Several New Zealand businesses have held vaccination events to get their employees vaccinated.

NZ Post held a two-day drive-through vaccination clinic at Auckland Mail Centre in Highbrook on Tuesday and Monday to vaccinate their employees, contractors and their families.

It comes after a NZ Post worker tested positive for Covid-19 two weeks ago in the Highbrook depot.

The clinic is run in collaboration with health provider South Seas Healthcare and private sector union E tu.

E tu negotiation specialist Joe Gallagher says getting essential workers vaccinated was vital to the battle against Covid-19.

“NZ Post’s vaccination clinic is an initiative we fully support and want to encourage all of our members and their whanau to get vaccinated,” Gallagher said.

He said a large number of NZ Post’s essential workers live in communities with high positive case numbers.

“It’s important for them to take this opportunity.

“Getting vaccinated can keep you out of hospital and intensive care. It can also save the lives of those you love.”

Et tu is hoping that, with this initiative, it’ll lead to other companies following suit.

“We would love to see this rolled out to the wider community.”

Respirator maker Fisher & Paykel Healthcare began to vaccinate their employees and families in early September.

They were one of several businesses to partner with the Ministry of Health to pilot workplace vaccinations.

The drive-through facility is located at its Highbrook headquarters.

Fisher & Paykel’s chief executive told media the business aims to have 100 per cent of its workforce vaccinated.