Sunday, March 3, 2024

Uxbridge gifted grand piano

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Barbara Stroud playing her piano in Uxbridge Theatre. Times photo Wayne Martin

Uxbridge Arts & Culture has an exciting new addition — a grand piano.

The piano is on loan from Howick local Barbara Stroud for two years, bringing the majestic instrument back into the light after being in storage.

The decision to loan the beloved piano wasn’t an easy one, says Barbara, admitting she thought about it for a long time before going through with it.

Uxbridge Arts & Culture event manager Ashley Grogan said the piano is a wonderful score for the centre.

“Something’s been missing in the theatre [and] when musicians come, they want to play on the grand as opposed to an upright piano.

“Visually, it looks better and sounds better.”

She hopes the piano will serve as a draw card for bringing more classical music performances to the centre and says she’s already received interest around the piano.

Barbara, a musician herself, says the decision to loan the piano was spurred by an interest in helping young musicians get a start in the industry.

“I thought about it for two years before going through with it and I thought it should be here being used.

“I’m very into young people performing and helping them on their way with scholarships and things [and] this is the perfect venue for them to do that,” she says.

“That’s my dream, to [help] young people — giving them an opportunity, giving back to the community.”

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