Uxbridge centre comedy night a roaring success

Brendhan Lovegrove performs at the Uxbridge Centre. Times photo Kelly Teed

If you’re considering a comedy night at Uxbridge Arts Centre in Howick, don’t think twice about it.

Last Friday’s session began as most comedy shows do. Audience members tottered into the theatre – some of whom had clearly had a bit more to drink than others – eagerly anticipating the night ahead. The lights dimmed and the show began.

First up was MC of the night and warm-up extraordinaire Nick Rado. Hit by a heckler less than 10 seconds into his stage time, Rado was unshakeable, simply rolling with it and moving on. He engaged with audience member, eliciting a few laughs as he bantered with a man in the front row who had bought sunscreen along. Soon enough, the ice was broken, the audience was laughing and without further ado, the show was underway.

UK comedian Tom Deacon was followed by relative newcomer to the comedy scene and Radio Hauraki announcer Melanie Bracewell who both charmed and delighted audience members with their individual acts.

A highlight of the night would have to be Rado’s impression of Welsh rugby referee Nigel Owens refereeing a marital fight which left the crowd gasping for breath.

But the overall highlight was undoubtedly Brendhan Lovegrove. From the moment he wandered on stage, Lovegrove engaged with the audience and never once lost their attention.

His classic Kiwi humour and effortless segues from one adventurous tale to the next left the audience doubled over with tears streaming down their faces. His popularity was so much that he returned for an encore, finally leaving to deafening cheers and applause.

A fantastic night from all involved – the next night is in June and would be well worth a watch.