The wonderland glow show

Sarah Burren launched the Glow Show in 2017, after dreaming up the concept over several years.

The Glow Show is back!

This innovative, glow-in-the-dark stage show with giant puppets will be coming to the east soon.

This year, it is the Wonderland Glow Show, with a very Kiwi version of Alice in Wonderland.

The Wonderland Glow Show is a magical experience, a fusion of science and the arts, that is designed to intrigue tamariki around Aotearoa/New Zealand.

It will encourage each child to be their most creative self: “Hei tino auhaha koe”.

The show, with 45 masterfully-crafted characters, will transport its audiences into a weird and wonderful world of dancing flamingos, an eight-metre caterpillar and giant flowers.

The dynamic, highly visual performance art is underpinned by an incredibly catchy, original music score.

But it’s not all rosy …there could be a March Hare on the loose! The Glow Show educates and entertains, by promoting literacy and Te Reo Māori and celebrating the exquisite art of ultraviolet puppetry.

It offers a truly memorable experience with positive and uplifting messages for tamariki.

The Wonderland Glow Show will perform at 38 venues, from Kaitaia to Invercargill. The nationwide tour starts on Sunday July 25, Mahurangi Winter Festival of Lights in Warkworth.

On Wednesday July 28 to Friday July 30 July, it will be at the Uxbridge Theatre in Howick.

Some 60,000 children, educators and whānau have seen the Glow Show, and it is regarded as the perfect opportunity to get family, preschool and school groups together for a unique and engaging experience. The show is designed specifically for two targeted audiences.

The 10am performance is for children up to five (40 minutes) and the 11.30am show is for six-and-older (55 minutes) with opportunities for children to participate in Q&A sessions.

Who’s behind the Glow Show?

Sarah Burren launched the Glow Show in 2017, after dreaming up the concept over several years. Sarah, a New Zealander, was based in London and Toronto for 15 years, and designed and made costumes for numerous TV and theatre shows, including Basil Brush’s attire for the BBC.

She also worked across Europe and in North America, making couture garments for a range of celebrities, including Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson in the mid-1980s.

She returned to Auckland in 1995 and has designed for theatre, TV, film and spectacular live events including The America’s Cup Ball, Volvo Ocean Race, Sky City opening and Rugby World Cup 2011 as well as designing sets, costumes and props for over 50 children’s shows.

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