Singing sensations at Howick

The afternoon was enjoyed by a variety of guests and performers.

Singing and music were the main focus on an all-afternoon event at Uxbridge over the weekend.

On Sunday, the Botany and Flat Bush Ethnic Association held a music day from 2pm-9pm in honour of Howick’s 175th anniversary.

The Chinese Folk Art music performed with 10 different traditional Chinese instruments, with acts from the Cantonese Opera and a singalong.

From 7.30pm, there was a wonderful singing and dancing session where members of the community – including Labour List MP Naisi Chen and Act MP Damien Smith – bravely sung to a captive audience.

Featured guests included Howick Ward councillor Paul Young, Howick Local Board chairperson Adele White and member David Collings as well chairperson of the Howick 175th anniversary Rev Dr Richard Waugh.