Sancta Maria shows musical brilliance

Sancta Maria College performers did well at the recent Auckland Jazz and Blues Competition.

Sancta Maria College has continued its musical brilliance as it hit the big stage.

The Auckland Jazz and Blues Competition has been held over the past few weekends with the final premiering on Sunday August 15 at 1pm at the Point Chevalier RSA.

Two of SMC’s bands made the final – The Faintails for the combos and Sancta Maria Big Band for the Big Band. Sancta Maria was the only in east Auckland school to achieve this feat in the competition.

Avondale and Auckland Grammar took first place for combos and Big Band respectively.
Jenna Aspeling, a Sancta Maria College musician, achieved one of the four awards for outstanding soloist.

Sancta Maria also performed well in the heats.

These awards are given at the end of the finals.

KBB (Participation – Commended – Bronze – Silver – Gold)
Jazz Orchestra – Bronze
Big Band – Gold and Trophy for best overall improvisation
Auckland Jazz Competition (Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum)
Outstanding Soloist – Jenna Aspeling (Four were awarded this year)
Big Band – Gold