REVIEW: Cruise Control at HLT

If you’re looking for a play to take your mother or grandmother along to, or if you simply consider yourself a bit of a prude, I wouldn’t recommend this play.

However if you enjoy a rollercoaster of emotions, including a good laugh, some risqué humour and some rather intense drama, then I highly recommend getting yourself down to Howick Little Theatre’s latest production of Cruise Control.

Written by David Williamson and directed by Nathan Hey, Cruise Control follows three bickering couples as they board a cruise ship travelling from London to New York for seven days of marital healing.

They board with the hope of escaping their reality, but instead find themselves trapped in the hellish world of designated dinner seating and B-grade cabaret.

I’ve tried so hard to pick out a favourite moment from the play – or even a stand out performance, but I just can’t do it.

Each character was portrayed so well and each offered so much to the story that I couldn’t possibly pick and choose.

However, the hilariously clashing personalities of Darren Brodie (James Calverley) and Richard Manton (Arthur Young) alone are worth the trip – and Sanjay Menon (Charlie the waiter) performed incredibly strongly in his first play with the theatre.

So pack your bags, grab your passport and climb aboard at Howick Little Theatre for the cruise of your life – you’ll only regret not going sooner.