Sunday, May 19, 2024

Psychological drama at HLT

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Audiences of Howick Little Theatre’s latest production can expect to be glued to their seats in the latest psychological thriller.

Written by Hugh Mills in 1956, The House By The Lake follows Maurice and his sister, Stella, who make plans to murder their stepbrother due to his interfering in their finances and how he’s made his brother lose his job.

As they go about executing their plan, Maurice’s wife Janet stumbles across some conclusive evidence of their plan and Maurice decides she must be done away with, too.
But not all is as it seems — director Andrew Gordon says the heroes and villains of the story are very convoluted which leads to a “fantastic, gripping story on stage.”

Gordon, whose theatre background stems from acting, speaks highly of both the cast and crew of the production.

“It’s fantastic acting, the set is amazing — we have a fantastic designer and it’s a wonderful job with the lights, it feels as if you’re right there in the mood with the actors.

“It’s very much on the edge of your seat stuff.”

  • House By The Lake is on at HLT May 5 to 26, 8pm. Matinees May 6, 13, 2pm. Tickets available from

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