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Perspectives art exhibition runs until March 11

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Katie Blundell. File photo

Perspectives: Te Tai Ao, Notions of The Universal exhibition by The Flowers Art Collective runs in the Malcolm Smith Gallery at Uxbridge Arts and Culture in Howick until March 11.

It features the sacred significance of whānau bonds, rewriting of stories told through photographs, uprising of artists through challenges of Covid and the horror of the Ukraine War.

It provides a taste of the diversity with the theme of the universal brought into the art arena.

The exhibition features the work of the Flowers Art Collective, 11 artists of diverse ethnicity and viewpoints, brought together by a common interest in the challenge of bringing the illusive into tangibility.

Each has a unique perspective of what the universal might mean and at the same time commonalities are there to be discovered and interpreted by the viewing audience.

Artists are Marion Gordon-Flower, Taylen Heremaia, Jasmine Hope, Anne Shirley, Mary Shirley, Ruth Bioletti, Lynette Fisher, Max Grey, Penny Otto and Justin Sobion Agnes Desombiaux-Sigley

Meanwhile, Dairy Pages by Katie Blundell is on the Gallery and Theatre Walls until Saturday.

Inspired by her own painting ‘Navel-gazing’ (a finalist in The Adam Portraiture Exhibition 2022 and currently travelling around Aotearoa and features as the first release of advertising for the Pride Festival).

Blundell continues to explore the ‘self’. A collector once explained that owning her work was like having a page of her diary.

Here she shares a medley of pages. Blundell exhibits a retrospective salon on the gallery wall and some new, small, mono prints based on self-portraiture on the opposite of the concourse.

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