Perry bids farewell after three decades

Journalist Helen Perry – who has been Times Media’s magazines editor for several years, has retired. Times photo Wayne Martin

The best editors may retire, but their legacies live on.

For more than 30 years, Helen Perry has graced the pages of Times Media’s publications – from our newspapers to (more recently) our magazines – with her writing.

As magazine editor, this tenacious journalist was central to building up multi award-winning titles, especially our EastLife and Rural Living publications. Through her enthusiasm and professionalism she has set a standard others will need to work hard to meet.

This week we formally farewelled Helen Perry after working for the Times for 33 years.

Perry first joined the company in the late 1980s as a sub-editor on a part-time basis.

She had originally been working for the NZ Herald but, with a new young family, a part-time job working locally was just the ticket.

Times Media’s managing director Reay Neben can’t believe Perry is finally retiring.

“Helen has held many positions in our company with a short time as editor of the Times,” said Neben.

“We started writing our real estate advertorials which was a first in the industry and then Our

Homes Today became a large weekly section of the Times so it was time to set up a features department headed by Helen.

“When the decision to launch (magazine) EastLife was being finalised, Helen was the only choice to now be the editor of our magazine division where she has been sensational.

There were several other magazine titles were under Perry’s wing including Rural Living, South, Design and Build, Settling In.

“The list goes on and there have been many industry accolades secured over the years for these magazine products under Helen’s leadership,” said Neben.

“Many industry conferences have been attended and many awards have been received for the magazine and the papers.

“We all wish Helen and (husband) Roger a well-deserved retirement. We would like to wish Helen all the very best for the future – and look forward to contributions she may still make.”

The end of 2021 also sees another couple of long-serving Times team members head over the horizon: Kate Ockelford-Green, senior sales consultant, who is also retiring, and our dogged manager, Selina Chant, who’s charting a new course in the supermarket game.

All three of these crucial staff members will be missed.