Monday, April 22, 2024

Open doors at Uxbridge

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ENTERTAINMENT: Uxbridge’s Open Day will feature an array of talented performances for all ages. Photo supplied

By Nathan Morton
Pakuranga College student

It’s an exciting month for the Uxbridge Performing Arts Centre, which is set to host an Open Day for the public on April 8 from 11am to 2pm.

‘A taste of Uxbridge’ will include a range of exciting performances ranging from belly dancing to Pilates, giving attendees the chance to join in and experience Uxbridge’s variety of arts.

The day also features presentations from Eyreton Hall, Ben Fernandez and Maria O’Flaherty who are all part of Uxbridge’s performance programme this year.

On the day, the NZ Dance Company will be showcasing its upcoming show at Uxbridge on April 21, and so too will family-friendly comedian John Carr with a preview of his new show entitled ‘Down with the Young Ones’.

The presentations are all free for members of the public to enjoy, allowing the Howick-based theatre to give people a taste of just some of the incredible presentations they have on offer.

The wonderful Uxbridge cafe will be open all day delivering a scrumptious range of food, including food demos on the day to showcase its unique flavour.

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