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Never a dull day with a gull

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Laura Young’s artwork ‘Never a Dull Day with a Gull’ can be seen on Pigeon Mountain Road.

A local artist has impressed morning walkers with her Chorus cabinet artwork.

Pakuranga-based Laura Young, 25, has recently painted the Chorus box by the roundabout on Pigeon Mountain Road in Howick.

Her artwork is labelled ‘Never a Dull Day with a Gull’, inspired by the infamous Finding Nemo scene with the seagulls squawking “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

The concept was then put into a Half Moon Bay context, Young says, with the bay behind the seagulls.

The fun personalities of the native Red Billed Gull hanging out “creates a sense of community and memorable times”.

Young has been into art since she was a child. “It’s gone into my adult life,” she says. “I do it quite often. It’s my downtime, my relaxation.”

She graduated in visual communication design at Massey University. “I’m a designer,” she says. “I’m always constantly being creative and using that side of me.”

Her art style, she says, is fun, has personality and is more on the ‘cuter’ side. She’s also varied the kind of medium she uses – from acrylics to watercolour.

“I enjoy painting animals,” Young says.

“I was really excited for the Chorus opportunity and to make a positive impact for the community and to do my first proper large mural.

“I was quite overwhelmed by how many people were supporting me that weekend. [I received] A lot of supportive honks and compliments.”

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