Nathan takes on the comedic world

Nathan Wilson has been performing his act at Auckland’s popular comedy club, The Classic.

By Hannah Williams

Local comedian Nathan Wilson has been making waves in the comedy community as he pursues a career in the funny business.

Raised here in East Auckland, Nathan has always been involved in the arts, whether it was his school’s production or a laugh with friends, he was born for the limelight.

A talented comedian, Nathan has always found it ”easy being on stage” as he enjoys “being up there in front of everybody,” he strives to make a name for himself in comedy.

But despite having an interest in comedy, it was a push from friends and a trip to New York that got him to go professional.

“It’s something I wanted to try, I had a completely different set of priorities and then I had a mid life crisis and realised I had no interest in what I was doing or wanted to go in that direction,

“I’ve always loved drama and acting and have always been a big fan of comedy however I thought I was no good at writing, but my friends all encouraged me and I went to America and saw a lot of comedy there and that inspired me to come back and give it a crack,” he says.

When he stood on stage he knew it was the place he needed to be and he decided then to give a professional career in comedy a try.

“From the first time I did it, it was like wow, a switch went off in my head like this is where I want to be, this is great, this is what I want to do, It’s sort of like the perfect in between for me,” he says.

Since he started his career a year ago, Nathan knew he wanted to get it out East, as “there’s no open-mic styled gigs” and it’s “an untapped market” that he wants to snag up before anyone else.

Aimed at young people, his new show will have a “mix of fresh talent and semi-pros,” with “guaranteed laughs” for everyone.

It seems Nathan career is only going up from here and it’s likely you’ll one day be seeing him on the big screen whether it’s for acting or comedy, his name is one you’ll want to remember.

  • To check out Nathan and some of Auckland’s up and coming comedians, head down to Local laughs at Applejacks, Highland Park tonight (Thursday June 27) at 7:30pm for a night of fun, laughs and beer.


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