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New mobile app tell stories of Howick’s past

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Howick Local Board members and the app developers testing out Howick’s Heritage app. Photo supplied

Howick Local Board is bringing the area’s history in to the 21st Century with the launch of the Howick’s Heritage mobile app.

The interactive walking app allows users to discover the history of Picton Street and explore some of the nearby landmarks through a range of historic images, interactive maps and audio commentary.   

The app also features a digital panorama on Stockade Hill using augmented reality technology.

“It’s an exciting development for us because it brings Howick’s rich history to life, opening it up to a whole new audience of both locals and visitors,” says Howick Local Board member its culture and heritage portfolio lead, Adele White.

“In a world where people seem to live their lives through their phone or tablets, if we want to keep our heritage alive for future generations we need to move with the times so we hope people embrace it.”

The Howick’s Heritage app lets you take an interactive walk through historic Picton Street landmarks.

For those wanting more stories about the Howick area, with the app there is a link to download STQRY – another mobile device application that features more detailed history of the area across several topics.

The project is one of several identified in the Howick Heritage Plan, adopted by the local board in 2016.

“Already we’ve included the names of four soldiers with Howick connections to the war memorial on Stockade Hill, historical images are etched on to the glass panels of the new Half Moon Bay ferry and over the next few months we hope to have interpretative signs and plaques installed at several sites,” says Ms White.

In launching the app, the local board paid tribute to the work of respected Howick historian Alan La Roche who has provided the content and to project coordinator Humphrey Beeson.

“It’s been a labour of love to get to this point and would never have gotten off the ground without their dedication and hard work,” says Ms White.

  • Download the Howick’s Heritage App by searching Howick’s Heritage in the App Store. Available for both Android and Apple devices.


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