Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Magnificent sculptures at Art Lounge

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The resin and stainless steel sculptures are inspired and based on the Haka. Photo Zoe Garden

The highly-praised and recognised We Are One exhibition has been extended and moved to the Art Lounge NZ Gallery in Howick.

A solo art exhibition by the young Chinese-New Zealand artist Yi Yang opened at the Cloud in downtown Auckland late last month.

The more than 40 works featured are inspired by the landscape, culture and history of New Zealand.

Yang hopes to express his understanding of New Zealand from the perspective of an external observer of culture.

Weta Workshop co-founder Richard Taylor, director Andrew Adamson, actor Manu Bennett and other distinguished guests attended the exhibition. Actor and martial artist Jackie Chan also was present through Zoom.

“The long-term plan for this is a national tour with the exhibition,” Pieter Miering says.

“We’ve had invites from international venues as well.”

Several of Yang’s pieces, including his resin sculptures, are on display at the Art Lounge until July 16 and then on July 24 will return for a week after the East Auckland School art competition and exhibition is completed.

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