Kiwi musician releases unconventional track

Former Cockle Bay resident Ant Utama has released his track ‘Any Other Way’. Photo Alessandro De Matteis

Kiwi born and Germany-based pop artist Ant Utama has released his new track.

Utama, who used to live in Cockle Bay, is proud to share his new track ‘Any Other Way’, an unconventional love song that is co-written and produced by Campbell Paget.

An official video is due to release on Friday.

“‘Any Other Way’ was written for couples in long-term relationships,” Utama says. “You know what I mean…instead of going out to fancy dinners and bars, staying on the couch, wearing sweatpants and watching Netflix.”

“Once the honeymoon period is over, we get comfortable, and some don’t like that but I love it! I’ve been with my girl for six years now. It’s an achievement and something to embrace when you know your significant other so well you can be completely comfortable as yourself and, for me, that’s sweatpants on the couch.”

Born and raised in Howick and working the 9-5 grind in the corporate sector, Utama, tired of his situation, packed up and headed to Germany to follow his dreams.

In January 2020, Utama released a song called ‘I Got Your Back’ which was inspired by the unfortunate suicide statistics in New Zealand.

His debut EP Brave has amassed more than 250k streams with Utama now on the path to completing his second body of work.

“I was raised by very loving and conservative Asian parents who taught me how to be safe and secure in life,” Utama says.

“They were pretty shocked and concerned when I told them I was off to Germany to pursue music. It’s been three years now and I’m slowly showing them that I know what I’m doing. I know they’re proud and they’re coming around.”

Busking on the streets of Germany, he had many interactions with friendly passers-by, realising he wasn’t the only one going through a transformative journey.

Utama says he’s found his purpose as an artist – to inspire and encourage people to follow their dreams and aspirations.