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It’s good to be back

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Auckland Guitar School held its first student showcase for some time.

Sunday May 15 saw Auckland Guitar School’s first student showcase in what seems like far too long.

After cancellations and postponements, students and teachers took the stage at Uxbridge Arts & Culture.

“After all the cancellations, false starts and the extra effort that is involved in putting any event on these days, I’m so happy and grateful that we managed to get onstage finally, and where better than our favourite venue?” said owner Dylan Kay.

The Howick-based guitar school’s concert showcased two hours of exciting, top quality guitar music with a diverse range of performers playing everything from Eric Clapton and the Beatles through to jazz standards and Bill Withers.

The show also boasted a number of great original songs performed and sung by their songwriters.

As ever, it was an exceptionally professional and entertaining show, with some stunning performances.

“We offer students lots of performing experiences, where they get to have fun and apply everything they’re learning with us. The little gig is our unplugged version of our legendary big gig showcase,” Kay said.

“The performers all put on thoroughly professional performances on every level. There some absolutely spellbinding songs, some great soloing, and just overall top notch playing.

“Thank you everyone, I’m over the moon – you really did yourselves and the school proud.”

Auckland Guitar School is Howick’s biggest guitar school, teaching kids and adults, from beginners through to advanced level.

“Our focus is on helping each student to get the results they want from their playing, whether they’re just starting out or have been playing for a long time and are stuck in a rut,” said Kay.

“We make sure the lessons are fun and that everyone gets really solid foundations to their playing so they can take it wherever they want – whether they’re into rock, pop, acoustic, blues, jazz etc.

“We know we do something quite different here in the way we focus on helping students to become musicians, not just one-trick guitar players. We have students coming from all over Auckland to learn here, attracted by the unique learning experience and methods that we use.”

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